how toWhen it comes to fashion, finding the right piece of jewelry to go with that rockin' outfit can sometimes be a challenge. For example, you just bought this adorable v-neck top and you just so happen to have the same color necklace and earrings at home. But when you try on the necklace it is at that annoying length where the pendant keeps falling inside your shirt and between the girls. If only it was just a little shorter! Or maybe just a little longer...

Never fear! Here are a few tricks that you can use to adjust your jewelry stash to work with any outfit. It will have you totally rethinking your entire jewelry stash!

buy localI'm sure you've all seen the social media memes and heard the radio ads reminding you to shop at small businesses during the holiday season, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Big chains can be more convenient, sometimes less expensive, and more reliable for returns and exchanges. But as a jewelry designer and small business owner (and supporter) myself, I have found that there are a number of benefits that you may not have thought about when shopping "small." Here's a few tips and ideas that can help you (and thus your local business owners) when shopping small this holiday and year round. Most of these apply to craft or handmade vendors, but you may be able to apply this to other small businesses like car repair, retail stores, print shops, etc.

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